Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yoga + Networking Works

I went to Clover Park early to set up for yoga and met this wonderful group. I told them about my Holistic Health Club and invited them to the next event. I also met a martial arts group and invited them. We began our yoga session at 9:30 am and enjoyed a bit of networking at the end. I told them about Yoga Month and Step Up Women's Network. Steve Gettier joined me at 10:30 am. We carpooled to the Mar Vista Market and talked to both Diana Rodgers, Manager of MVFM and the Open Mar Vista group. I told them about my blog and cookbook idea. I just love to connect with open people, refer people to good things and inform them about local events. I hope to earn enough doing this so that I can pay all my bills with a little extra left over. See photos at:


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