Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Upcoming Events

1. February 5th, Free Diet To Look YEARS Younger teleclass at 5 PM Pacific. You will walk away from this call with:

- 3 specific action steps to lose the last 10-20 stubborn pounds... WITHOUT dieting

- 3 steps to double your energy... all naturally

Rose is ALSO going to do a special bonus 15-minute session called "The 3 Day Younger Skin Diet."
Click to reserve your spot and
 get the call-in details now:http://www.wellnesswithrose.com/cmd.php?Clk=2816953

2. February 9: De-Stress Daily -Wellness Practices for Teachers, Counselors and Students presented by Jeanne Kuntz at USC Campus Davidson Executive Conference Center Los Angeles, CA 90089. Sowing Seeds of Hope www.resourcefair.net, www.teachingwellness.com

3. February 8th, Time Out Retreat for Teens ages 13 - 17 at an amazing, beautiful, peaceful ranch in Temecula. www.timeoutretreat.com

4. February 13 - 15: Conscious Life Expo at LAX Hilton, $10 online admission includes free lectures & Special Events. http://consciouslifeexpo.com

5. February 14th, Valentines Day Fiesta to support the Kokopelli Community Workshop -community meeting and workshop center with a garden that will provide an educational project and organic food to the community at 3745 Adams Street in Carlsbad. Live entertainment, Traditional Hispanic earthen pit Barbacoa feast, Informational tables and booths. $25.00, family tickets $50.00. http://www.communiversitymagazine.org/

Ingrid Cheng
Founder of Holistic Health Club

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year New You

I just went to a group meditation where we did a New Year meditation, released things that have held us back and set intentions for the new year. I want to encourage you to do something similar. Whether you want to exercise more, eat healthier or live more fully, write down your intention and say it aloud everyday. Tell a good friend about it so you'll have support and be accountable. It's hard to keep an intention if you don't write it down or tell anyone. My intention for the holidays was to be healthy and I kept it by doing yoga daily and going on walks, plus eating sensibly. Due to the cold weather, my body craves more food and goes into hibernation mode, so I need to exercise now more than ever. It's easy to gain a few extra pounds, but it's much harder to lose weight. If you've overindulged during the holidays, don't beat yourself up. Just recommite yourself to eating healthier and moving more.

Ingrid Cheng