Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tips to Stay Healthy

1. An Apple a Day Really Works. A natural antioxidant called quercetin, found in red apples as well as broccoli and green tea, may give an immunity boost to individuals under stress.

2. Don't Worry, Conquer Stress. Stop worrying about getting sick. The fear and expectation of having something adverse happen actually lowers immunity, says Northrup.

3. Up Your Vitamin IntakeEverybody needs vitamin D, which can be found in foods like sockeye salmon, eggs, and milk. Citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin C andcan boost immunity.

4. Mind Over Body. A positive attitude can improve immunity, and increase circulation.

5. Just Say Om. Santa Monica, Calif., yoga therapist Felice Rhiannon (Former HHC member) credits her meditation and breathing practices for improving her physical and emotional health. "A calmer mind means a calmer body."

6. Increase Your Social Ties. Extroverts are less likely than introverts to get colds when exposed to a virus.

7. Accentuate the Positive. Cohen's research suggests that people who have a positive emotional style -- described as happy, enthusiastic, and calm -- are less likely to catch colds.

8. Wash Your Hands - Over and Over. According to the CDC, proper hand washing for 20 seconds is the most effective way to avoid the 1 billion colds that wecatch each year, not to mention other infectious diseases.

9. Get Your ZZZs - Sleep is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

From: http://www.tasteforlife.com/content/default.asp?artid=2000&title=Secrets_of_Super-Healthy_People

Ingrid Cheng


Monday, December 15, 2008

Healthy Holiday Party Tips

1. Look for the mini-spinach pies and stuffed mushrooms. Thin, crispy sheets of phyllo are much lower in fat than heavy pie crusts and biscuit doughs. Mushrooms are also low-calorie carriers for savory fillings.
2. Cosy up to a hot drink. Hot cider is a delicious seasonal treat and you'll tend to drink hot, spiced drinks more slowly. Fewer refills means fewer calories.
3. Fill up on vegetables. Snack on fresh vegetables. A spot of dip is fine but don't overdo it.
4. Go for the protein. Lean protein will help curb your appetite for more dangerous fare.
5. Crack some nuts. Pick up the nutcracker and shell a couple of walnuts or almonds.
6. Have some candy. When the desserts come out, grab a candy cane (60 calories) or chocolate truffle (40 calories) to savor and take a pass on the cookies.

From: http://blog.nutritiondata.com/ndblog/2008/12/surviving-those.html?mbid=NDNL