Sunday, September 28, 2008

Positive Visualization

You can use this technique to visualize anything you desire:

1) Several times a day, say out loud and think to yourself "President Obama" and when you do - imagine it being true, right now, and feeling all the great feelings that go with such a powerful, positive thought.

2) Please forward this to friends and spread the word.

Bush and Republicans operate from a basis of fear. Bush plunged the U.S. into an endless war with Iraq based on fear of non-existant weapons of mass destruction. Then, he denied that there was anything wrong with our economy just 5 months ago. Now, Bush wants us to be so fearful about a recession that we'll let him pull a $700 billion con-job on us, but when we focus on the negative things, we give power to them. Let's say and think 'President Obama' and experience the pleasure that this brings.

There is power in our intention! Saying what we wish to empower aligns us with what we want. Saying and imagining 'President Obama' is more likely to inspire actions that will create this wonderful outcome. When we're feeling good, instead of afraid, resigned or helpless, we will get a lot more done. Practice this to support you in feeling good and more resourceful.

From Celeste and Ingrid

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ways to Reduce Risk of Cancer

What you need to know to lower your risk, find support and have healthy breasts for life.

1. Reduce or stop consumption of alcohol.
A recent study shows that just 1-2 alcoholic drinks per day may increase your risk of breast tumors by 32%. 3 or more drinks daily ups the odds by 51%.

2. Stop eating junk food.
Research shows that women with the highest levels of transfats have about twice the risk of breast cancer as those with the lowest levels. So, eat more fresh vegetables, produce and fruits.

3. Exercise*
I strongly believe that exercise is the best prevention of weight gain and essential to maintaining a healthy body, plus it's proven to improve your moods.


Source: Hope, Help and Lifesaving News by Gail O'Connor (modified by Ingrid Cheng)

Friday, September 26, 2008

We Want a Green Economy

Photo of Green Jobs Rally

Let the Presidential candidates know: We Want a Green Economy

Rally at the Federal Building 10-11:30 am.

Urge elected officials to invest in creating millions of green jobs and a Clean Energy Corps. We can't drill and bail our irresponsible companies way out of the current crisis. We can invest and invent our way out. Sign the petition at:


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Digital Women

Are you someone who has a connection to the internet, is tired of working the 9 to 5 or for the corporate big guys, needs financing for her small business, wants to network with other businesswomen and wants to become financially independent through her own efforts? If you are, join Digital Women (over 17,000 International members).

Ingrid Cheng
Founder of Holistic Health Club

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Organic Food Discount Club

I just joined this new healthy food club (online)-The Green PolkaDot Box. They offer huge discounts on the brands we like. Big savings with free shipping. It's like Costco, but they specialize in natural and organic foods. Because I joined early, they gave me a special deal and I get to offer you an Associate Membership. You can pre-register now (they won't charge you anything until December 1st 2008) and you'll get special treatment that the rest of the Members won't get after they open. It's worth checking out yourself.

Just click the link below or copy and paste this URL into your browser window:

Ingrid Cheng

Founding Member The Green PolkaDot Box

Friday, September 19, 2008

What Does Green Jobs Mean?

What does green jobs mean? Innovation, real solutions to the economic and energy crisis, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, no new coal plants, and no off-shore or Artic oil drilling or destruction of our environment. Calling for real change that will benefit all of us, not just the rich or powerful. Saying no to Big Oil and the old way of doing things which got us into this mess in the first place. Imagine clean air, safe drinking water, and the ocean full of fishes instead of plastic trash. Imagine people living in peace and harmony with each other and the environment. Dream this dream with us.

Join us for the Green Jobs Now Rally on Saturday, 9/27 at the Federal Building on 11000 Wilshire Blvd, at corner of Wilshire and Veteran (a high traffic area).
Free Parking at the Federal Building lot. Carpool, take the bus, ride your bike.

Sponsors for Healthy Cook

My goal was to find 1-2 other corporate sponsors for my Healthy Cooking Classes, Demos & Show. Marc at Green Health Live TV wanted to do 6 shows and a treatment. My blog has gained more readers and my Pink Yakult Smoothie will be presented to the stars at a pre-Emmy Awards cancer awareness party. I'll also be on TV twice. Watch me talk about Healthy Cooking on the Deborah McMahon show. It will air on (public access) Channel 24 (in L.A) at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, October 7th. I'll also a contestant on Tom Green Show, a Green Game show on Planet Green that'll air in November!

Ingrid Cheng
Healthy Cook

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Holistic Health Club is the fastest growing healthy social networking group in L.A. We grew from 2 to 16 members in about three months.
I am the owner of Attune Yoga and founder of Holistic Health Club, a certified yoga teacher, great networker and eco-activist. Attune with yourself, Attune with Nature: Yoga for the Mind, Body and Soul. For more information, email

Premier Members:

Joy of Laughter
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Crystal Yoga and Pilates
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Lisa Schwartz, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac is an Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist and has been in practice for 10 years. She specializes in treating pain, stress, insomnia, weight loss, fatigue and headaches and can help you with any health issue. Visit her website: or email: Call 310-804-8573 for appointments.

Jeanne Kuntz is a Wellness Coach, Health/Fitness Specialist and Yoga Instructor who specializes in fitness, nutrition and stress management. She offers Group Wellness Coaching for just $10 per person (limit 10 people per group). Call 310-717-4518 or email:

Rhonda Weidelman, MA, RD works with you through a non-diet, intuitive eating approach to help you to become mindful of your eating, to improve your relationship with food and yourself. Call 310-721-2260,

Green Tea HP is a blend of highly concentrated green tea antioxidants, açaí, noni juice, pomegranate extract and resveratrol. It comes in a ready to mix pixie with 6 tasty fruit flavors, also a mocha flavor for coffee lovers! Mix with 10 – 12 oz of cold water, stir and you’re ready to enjoy the benefits and taste of this amazing drink! Contact: Blake Hamilton at 310-872-4949 or . Webpage:

Holistic Veterinarian
Dr. Armaiti May, DVM, is a dog and cat veterinarian who does house calls in the West LA area. She practices both Western medicine and acupuncture. For more information, please visit her website or call 310-614-3530.

Kristine CastroLife Coach/ Yoga Teacher: Her programs and personal coaching are designed to give you the tools and power to honor your dreams and accomplish your life pursuits. Call 323-836-4001 or email

Mark Chun is a nutraMetrix consultant who educates health professionals on the role of nutraceuticals and provides personalized service at each health professional's office, ensuring the best results. Visit his website: or email:

Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Film & DVD
Steve Gettier is a Meetup Member, a Martial Arts/ Tai Chi teacher and great with film & DVD. He helped me with my yoga and Green Health Party video and did a wonderful job. He's giving a special discount to our members. Contact him at:

Anne Wedyawati is a Healthy Living and Water Awareness presenter and MonaVie Distributor. Learn how the Kangen Water can improve your overall health. For info about MonaVie, go to Call 818-371-9998 or email:

Supporting Members:

Beauty: Patty Fisher is an Arbonne Consultant who provides all natural Anti-aging, Nutrition, Cosmetic, Spa/Detox, Weight Management and Personal Care products. For a free sample, email: or visit her website at:

Bridget Bohuslavsky is the advisor/ recruiter at Cleveland Chiropractic College of health and healing. Those who are interested in a healing career and those who wish to get a $30 massage from a student can call Bridget at 323-906-2167 or email:

Felice Rhiannon, E-RYT, PYT is a yoga therapist, author and speaker. She brings over 30 years of experience in healing and yoga. Felice is offering a free phone consultation and a discount on first time visit. Contact her at 310-395-1792 or email:

Massage Therapist
Experienced certified Massage Therapist Jean Phillip can help you let go, relax and get rid of your pain. Call 310-869-0715.

Spirit List: Job Board for the Soul
A job board for Southern Californians who are passionate about health, well-being, spirituality, and the earth. For more information, call Dawn Smith-Camacho at 1-877-SOUL-JOB or go to

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Healthy Cooking + Recipes

I believe that healthy cooking is easy and simple. Most of my recipes take less than 3o minutes. Here are two of them:

Chinese Green Beans with Shitake Mushrooms and Black Bean Sauce

2 Tbsp canola oil
1 lb Green Beans, trimmed
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp sugar
1-2 Tbsp Black bean sauce
2 Shitake mushrooms
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp soy sauce
1 c rice (optional)

1. Rinse the beans and pat them dry with paper towels. Trim off ends, cut in halves if needed. Place in a large bowl.

2. Soak mushroom in a bowl of hot water, gently squeeze dry, flavor with sesame oil and soy sauce. Cut into slices.

3. Coat a 10" no-stick skillet with oil, place over high heat and add garlic. Then add beans and mushrooms, stir and cook for about 3 minutes.

4. Add Black bean sauce and sugar. Stir and cook for 1-2 minutes, or until the beans begin to sear.

5. Cook rice in rice cooker and serve with beans.

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Udon noodles with Teriyaki Chicken, Mushroom and Veggies

2 pkgs of udon noodles from Japanese grocery store
1 can of chicken broth or vegetable broth
1 chicken thigh (broiled and de-skinned)
2 Shitake mushrooms
2-3 baby Bok Choy or other vegetables
1 tsp miso sauce
1 tsp crushed garlic
1 tsp Teriyaki sauce

1. Marinate chicken thigh in miso sauce and crushed garlic. Broil chicken thigh with skin on for 20-25 min. De-skin and cut into slices, removing any excess fat. (Use baked Teriyaki Tofu for vegan option)

2. Pour chicken or vegetable broth into pan, add about 1 can of water. Bring to boil.

3. Put udon noodles into pan and cook for 5 min. Stir until noodles separate.

4. Put shitake mushrooms, veggies in and cook 1 min more.

5. Serve in 2 bowls, add chicken on top, add a dash of Teriyaki sauce onto chicken.
Recipes by Ingrid Cheng

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sales and Marketing Tips

The Blog is a new way to drive more traffic to your website! How can a blog help your business? Relevant keywords in your blog may get picked up by search engines which can lead to higher search engine rankings. Did you know about the Law of Averages? It states that you'll get one client out of 10 prospects you talk to. Do you know that direct marketing can reach 99% of businesses and people? The more people you meet and talk to, the more chances you'll get a new client. Do you know the 5 steps to a sale? Do you know that success is 99% attitude and 1% ability? That when you smile, have eye contact with a prospect and are excited, you create comfort, trust and curiosity with that person? These are just some of the things I've learned in my one-day training.

Ingrid Cheng

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Love to Create New Recipes

Photo of me at the Yakult product display.

I enjoyed touring the company, doing the demo and meeting everyone at the Yakult USA office.

The staff at Yakult enjoyed my 2 versions of Pink Smoothies, but they decided on a lighter version which also tastes great.

*Lighter version: 1 c ice or 3-4 ice cubes, 3 bottles Yakult in a blender. Cut 3-4 strawberries in the middle halfway up from bottom. Pour into margarita glasses, garnish with a strawberry on the rim of each glass. 1 bottle of Yakult contains 8 billion active Lactobacillus casei Shirota (friendly bacteria that improves digestion and enhances immunity).

3-4 servings

Nutritional analysis: About 50 calories, 0 fat, 1g protein, 8-9 g of sugar, 12 g carbohydrate + 2% calcium.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Yakult Smoothie

Healthy Great Tasting Smoothie

Yakult is doing a celebrity event next week to raise money for cancer awareness and they've asked me to concoct a healthy pink smoothie that has Yakult in it. I will demo how to make this strawberry yogurt Yakult smoothie today. I'll use low-fat and non-fat plain yogurt as base.


2 c low-fat plain yogurt, 1 c of ice or 3-4 ice cubes, 3 bottles Yakult and 9 strawberries in a blender. 1 c low-fat plain yogurt has 140 cal, 11 g protein & 4 g of fat.

Healthier option: 2 c non-fat plain yogurt, 1 c of ice or 3-4 ice cubes, 3 bottles Yakult and 9 strawberries in a blender. 1 c non-fat plain yogurt has 110 cal, 10 g protein & 0 g of fat.

3-4 servings

Nutritional analysis: approximately 150-200 calories (depending on size of strawberries); 0-4 g of fat; 6-7 g of protein; 20 g of carbohydrate + calcium.

Ingrid Cheng

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blog For Change

Changeblogger network is a place that connects bloggers, podcasters and vloggers using their platform make world better place.

Roots of Change: dedicated to social change through better relationships.

Roots of Change (ROC) is a collaborative of diverse leaders and institutions unified in common pursuit of achieving a sustainable food system in California by 2030.

Changemakers Menu:

1. Sign the Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture at

2. Become a Locavore, buy more sustainable food (local, seasonal, organic).

3. Ask your school district to make food part of the curriculum.

4. Join a local group seeking healthy food and agriculture at

5. Make friends with your food producers at the local Farmers Markets.

6. Read a book like "Stuffed and Starved" by Raj Patel or go to

Join Holistic Health Club, Eco-Local Solutions Meetup or Food As Medicine Meetup.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Dream Team Meeting

In June, five of us met for the last of a series of Dream Team meetings. Three others are health professionals. Jackie Lee is a personnal trainner, motivational speaker & a competitive body builder. Steve Gettier is a Tai Chi, Martial Arts teacher, Kim Selbert is a Laughter Yoga Leader. It doesn't matter what your dream or goal is, the dream team is a support group that will help you really achieve your dreams if you commit to attending all the meetings, taking small, specific, measurable steps and being open to new ideas. The Holistic Health Club is a reality because of the Dream Team.

Our new Dream Team core group includes:
Kristine Castro, Life Coach; Jeanne Kuntz, Wellness Coach; Kim Selbert, Laughter Yoga and me. Dare to dream big. Our conference call will be on 9/15 at 4 pm. For more information, contact any of us through the Holistic Health Club website below. Our actual meeting will be on 9/29.


Monday, September 8, 2008

September is Yoga Month

The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion deemed September National Yoga Month and has listed it at:

Come to the Yoga Month Orientation this Saturday, 9/13 at 3 pm. Venice, CA 90291. RSVP at

Topics that will be covered are:

1) Postcard/Poster distribution. This is the final push to get the word out about the festival. You will also be given Yoga Month t-shirts.
2) Shift sign-up for the festival at LMU on September 20-21. We want to make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy the festival, concert and Global Mala once your shift is over.
3) Yoga Month Awards - two awards will be presented at the Los Angeles festival: Outstanding Yoga Instructor of the Year and Outstanding Yoga Studio of the Year. We will discuss how to spread the word about these awards to studios and teachers throughout LA. To find out more about the awards or to submit a nomination, please visit

Please help by: 1) Contacting youth organizations in the area and tell them about Yoga Month and the festival at LMU. A Kids Zone featuring mini yoga sessions, arts enrichment classes, and jumpers will be open to kids. Free passes will be available for all youth.
2) Blogging, post the festival in community calendar sections, alert media to the event, send out email blasts to your friends, and utilize any other method you have available to bring people to the festival.
3) If you are an instructor, get your students on board to attend the festival. Group discount passes are available for teams of 10 or more.

I support Yoga Month & my Associate ID is 4184. Holistic Health Club will have a booth at Yoga Month's Health Fest 9/20-9/21.

Ingrid Cheng

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Invest in Your Health

If you had all the money in the world and do not have health, you would spend most of all that money to be healthy again. Life's too short to be just about making money. Often, we get caught up in the rat race and forget to take care of ourselves. Most diseases are caused by bad diet and inactivity. That means we can prevent diseases by eating a balanced diet and exercising.

1. Eat a healthy breakfast of organic whole grain cereal with kefir or yogurt. Add some sliced bananas or strawberries. (3 is the minimum # of food groups you should eat to boost your brain health.)

2. Walking as often as possible. Invest in a pedometer, clip it to your sneakers, then walk for at least 30 minutes a day if you don't like going to the gym or doing other exercises. I've walked more than 5,000 steps in one day.

Ingrid Cheng

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lung Cancer is the #1 Killer


Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers. In 2007, lung cancer will account for approximately 15% of all cancer diagnoses and 29% of all cancer deaths. It is the # 1 killer in both men and women each year. An estimated 89,510 men and 70,880 women will die of lung cancer. Cigarette smoking is the # 1 cause of lung cancer, but exposure to asbestos, radon, environmental factors, or secondhand smoke can also cause lung cancer. Though lung cancer is the deadliest cancer, it does not receive as much attention, both in funding and in public awareness as breast and other types of cancer.

For more information, go to: Lung Cancer Alliance, National Lung Cancer Partnership

Support Stand Up To Cancer: My grandfather was a smoker and had lung cancer.

Ingrid Cheng

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stand Up To Cancer

"Doctors don't trust patients to make lifestyle changes...people don't want to change. They just want to take a pill and forget about it." David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD (cancer survivor) wrote. "The anti-cancer diet is the exact opposite of the typical American Diet. (Instead of meat, this diet consists of) mostly vegetables and legumes, plus unsaturated fats. Green tea is a great detoxifier (activating enzymes in the liver to eliminate toxins from the body). Ginger root is a powerful anti-inflammatory that combats certain cancer cells & helps slow tumor growth. Tumeric is the most powerful anti-inflammatory that encourages cancer cell death. Cabbages & cruciferous greens like bok choy, Chinese cabbage, broccoli & cauliflower all contain potent anticancer molecules. Soy is one of the best proteins with isoflavones that prevent tumor growth & block the stimulation of cancer cells. Citrus and berries are the best fruits and dark chocolate with over 70% cocoa provides antioxidants and many polyphenols. Enjoy 1/5 of a dark choco bar a day guilt free." For more info, go to:

I want to spread the word about alternative, holistic, preventive health care to all that doesn't cost any money. People just need to get informed and make some changes to their diet and exercise habits. Watch "Stand Up To Cancer" on ABC, CBS & NBC tomorrow night.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability

LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, a market segment focused on health and fitness, the environment, personal development, sustainable living, and social justice. 385 companies are listed under the LOHAS Health Care directory. LOHAS describes an estimated $209 billion U.S. marketplace for goods and services focused on health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living. About 19% of adults in the U.S., or 41 million people.

By my estimate, 19% of 9.9 million in Los Angeles (2006 Census) are currently considered LOHAS Consumers. There is a lot of room to grow. Join us now for lead generation, networking and referral through our Holistic Health Club. Market to 170+ health-conscious Meetup members and others through my referral service and blog.

Ingrid Cheng

Monday, September 1, 2008

Slow Food Nation: Green Kitchen

Photo of Green Kitchen

I think the Green Kitchen at Slow Food Nation Taste Pavilion is a great concept that didn't work very well in real life due to the background noise. I sat in the front, but could not hear Corey Lee (French Laundry) & barely heard Peter Jacobson (the Chef's Farmer), talk about the chef-farmer connection. Corey showed us how to make an escargot and tomatoes salad. He told us not to refrigerate tomatoes as that will destroy the taste. He also gave us some tips about how to ensure good tasting escargots (snails). It's very interesting to learn about what Chef Lee and Jacobson does. I've heard of French Laundry since my sister and brother-in-law love it (rave about its food). I know how expensive it is to eat there. Any tips that I learned could be worth some money. Did you know that the average garden snail is an escargot (edible after 3 days of purging)? Jacobson told us how he gathered his organic, free-range snails from his farm and put them on a 3-day "detox diet" (my term for purging) before he let Chef Lee work his magic. I'd love to visit Jacobsen Orchards (owned by Jacobsen and his wife) in Napa Valley, as it is designated for CCOF.
"For the last 6 years, the Jacobsens have sold exclusively to French Laundry," wrote Tana Anderson Butler.
Thanks Tana, for the beautiful photos and informative blog. I went to the Taste Pavilion and the Green Kitchen was one of the best things there. I also enjoyed the Bread, Fish, Ice Cream and Chocolate tastings. The ticket was rather expensive, even with the discount. We got 20 Slow Food dollars to spend and I only spent half since I don't drink beer or wine. I wish they had more food and less alcohol (empty calories and alcohol may raise the risk of breast cancer in women).