Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Top 10 Exercise Excuses

1. General apathy. "I don't really care about exercising. I work hard enough every day that I don't need an exercise routine."

2. Low on the priority list. "I am very busy and exercise just isn't a priority right now."

3. Embarrassment. "I'm so out of shape, I'm afraid people will laugh at me."

4. Health issues and/or chronic pain. "I have a bad back, bad knees, etc., so I can't work out." (Are you doing anything to alleviate your pain besides taking medication?)

5. Lack of a routine or boredom with the current exercise routine. "I never know what to do at the gym. I don't like doing the same thing all the time."

6. Location/ convenience. "There just isn't a gym/ studio that's close to my work or home."

7. Budget issues. "It's just too expensive to join a gym and buy all the necessary gear (clothes, shoes, etc)."

8. Bad experience. "I had a bad experience at the gym/ studio (with a personal trainer, yoga teacher, obnoxious members, etc)."

9. Lack of motivation. "I'm too tired to work out at the end of the day. Isn't there a quick and easy way to get in shape and lose the weight?"

10. Lack of time. "With kids, a husband, a full time job and aging parents, I just don't have the time to exercise".

Mark your calendars. Green Health Party on Sat 7/19, 12-3 pm. Holistic Health Club's mission is to educate and raise awareness about health and the environment. Here, we address all the excuses and help people be proactive about their health.


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