Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Ideas for Networking

Contact Jennifer Ross. She's writing articles for www.startupnation.com
and for www.beltwaynetworking.com.

The themes of the articles revolve around “New Ideas for Networking” and “Successful Businesses Begin with Healthy Entrepreneurs” –

1.How health, wellness, and/or activity have supported your business growth and prosperity (ie. When you were walking, you came up with ‘the’ creative idea that took your business to the next level, when you focused on your health, your business began to prosper, etc..)

2.Unique places or situations where you have networked your business. (if you are not sure if it is unique, send it in anyway!)

3.Inspirational and ‘cool’ networking stories --above and beyond the traditional networking scenarios

I submitted my story to her. She will quote you and link to your business website – so please email jen@activentrepreneur.com


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