Monday, July 28, 2008

Really Achieving Your Dreams

I just read this great book about Achieving Your Dreams and want to discuss it with this group. It's by Randy Pausch. It's well-known title is "The Last Lecture". In it, he talks about teamwork which we don't have much of right now. Everyone's doing their own thing, but not really helping each others. There is more than 1 way to do business. I'd love to make a profit with my idea, but it's more about heart. I really want to help people, but without a budget, I can only do so much. I want all of you who read my blog to sign an agreement:

1. To work constructively as a group, to help each other without any hidden motive,
2. To help co-host an event or spread the word about this blog & my group,
3. To give honest feedback & positive suggestions (no complaints!)

In return, I'll help you grow your social and professional life. Agreed? (Please reply in comments). Watch "The Last Lecture" on YouTube.



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fatfighter said...

Hey, I just saw that book mentioned on another blog this morning. I really want to read it - thanks for bringing it to my attention!