Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Social Networking for Business

Social Network users are affluent - 6 in 10 (60%!) of a Million wealthy consumers with an average income of $287k and net worth $2.1 use online social networks (Luxury Institute, 2008/confirmed by the Federal Reserve). I am an experienced social networker and can show you how to start with online social networking. I am offering a free session to teach you how to release your fears about technology, computers and the internet and not being “technical”. If you know how to use the computer and email, you can use online social networks like
Facebook and MySpace and they are not just for college kids anymore. I also belong to Linkedin which is Valued at $1 BILLION with 19 Million Business Users! (As of June, 2008).

If you wish to take advantage of my expertise, contact ingrid@attuneyoga.com ASAP to schedule a free session.

Ingrid http://holistichealthco-op.org/

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