Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Trust is one of those funny things. We think that, because we trust someone in one situation that we can take that same trust and extend it into another situation. The thing is, sometimes it works, but often it doesn’t. What we need to realise is that there is such a thing as situational trust. This is simply a rule that says you can’t always trust the same person in multiple situations in your life. Let me explain. I define trust as our ability to RELY on:
A person, or people Companies and organisations to deliver an outcome to us.
What happens with trust is that, when we have it in a relationship, it’s great. Things are calm, there’s less conflict, things don’t always go right, but you can at least sit down and have a conversation about it when something’s not right.

Written by Vanessa Hall

I agree. I trust people or organizations I know for certain things, but not others. I don't think we can really rely on anyone else to meet our needs if we don't honor and value ourselves first.


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