Monday, July 14, 2008

Change Your World

Girls For A Change is stopping in L.A. to bring an interactive fair and info to girls & women. They're looking for venues such as shopping centers, etc. Girls and women who really want to start up a GFC team in their own neighborhood can apply to be one of our 20 teams that will operate across the country this year. Each team will need about 10 girls and 1-2 women who are willing to be a GFC Coach for the team which includes supporting the team and attending girl meetings. There is an application process and there will be support and training offered online and by phone from GFC staff. GFC staff will also come out to visit your team at least once a year. The training is FREE to schools and community organizations, with a 90-minute workshop that teaches the concept of social change & info on Change Your World Action Kit (FREE to all girls who attend the training). The workshop is followed by a 60-min open session where girls will participate in meaningful and interactive activities. To schedule a training or for more info, contact:



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