Friday, July 18, 2008

The Lazy Environmentalist

The Sundance Channel titled, The Lazy Environmentalist hosted by author and green expert, Josh Dorfman is seeking all types from the food world who have the desire to become more environmentally conscious.Show participants will work one-on-one with our host, whose task it will be to offer easy, affordable, convenient and stylish options to their green challenges. Please send me a list of concerns/ challengesthat you and your group may be interested in tackling with our host as they pertain to food and being green. Phone interviews are happening this week. Those interested in participating should email me their contact info., age, current photo, job and anything specific that they would like to learn about. We are sincerely interested in tackling challenges that affect your group. The pilot is scheduled for a two-day shoot during the week of August 18th. For more information about our host, go to

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email:
Bonnie Clark
Casting Director
The Lazy Environmentalist
(818) 480-6559

Ingrid Cheng


Therapy in Transition said...

Thanks for posting this link; I think I might fit the bill. As much as I try to embrace a green home there is still way more things I can be doing but 'convenience' gets in the way sometimes.

Colette Ellis said...

Good idea to share this. I often feel guilty when I show up @grocery store and have to use plastic -- when I have several cloth (swag) bags from events, conferences. It really is about changing your mindset (i.e., remembering to keep one handy).

Cheers, Colette