Monday, June 2, 2008


“Exercise becomes more important as we get older, not just to boost metabolism and burn calories, but also to maintain muscle mass, flexibility, and bone density. (Yoga and Pilates) do double or triple duty, a blessing for these busy days.”

"Set aside ten minutes to bend and flex each morning, make your spine top priority. All your core muscles are connected to your spine," Barbard Templeton recommends. "Practicing yoga delivers benefits beyond the stretch. Yoga can tone and massage your internal organs including the heart. According to a even helps strengthen lung muscles and enhance lung capacity".

“When you're stressed, your adrenal glands release cortisol that at high levels eats away muscle tissue and stores the energy as fat. Thankfully exercise regulates (cortisol). Moderate exercise such as yoga (is recommended). Even ten minutes a couple of days a week helps keep cortisol levels in check.”

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