Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Overtreated: Too Much Medicine is Making Us Sicker

In her book Overtreated, award –winning journalist Shannon Brownlee states that each year, our medical system delivers an enormous amount of care that does nothing to improve our health or lengthen our lives. Between 20 and 30 cents on every health care dollar we spend goes towards useless treatments and hospitalizations that we wouldn’t want if we understood how dangerous it can be. Forty-seven million of us don’t have coverage, so we go without or pay out of our own pockets.

I had a cavity that needed to be filled and found out that I need to get a root canal at the dentist because of another decayed tooth. He took out the old filling, told me to go back for 2 more times and is charging me $1,200 for treatment on both teeth. Since I don't have dental insurance, I'm going to be in debt for a while.

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