Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Technology for Good

I just joined the NetSquared Meetup and love their group. I went to a free class by Ralph Simon from MEF (Mobile Entertainment Forum). I also enjoyed watching Fun Little Movies - their mission is to contribute to love and to laughter by providing fun, funny, family-friendly comedy to every person on Earth. These groups are using technology in new ways to reach more people.
Did you know that there are 270 million mobile phone subscribers and mobile video is a staple of Korean and Japanese commuters who take mass transit everyday? That smart phones have the processing power of a 14 month-old PC? That word of mouth or one-on-one marketing is most effective in reaching people? That online communities like Facebook, MySpace and Meetup are transforming the way we interact with each other? That 55% of mobile gamers are women who like puzzle games?

"Online ads should bring a strong call to action and excitement. Podcasts, video streaming, photo galleries are ways to promote your business to 3G (the 3rd generation)". Ralph Simon said. I still don't know what SKUs for CCSR means.

I also joined Jason's Network (free to join) and love the idea of "World's Most Beautiful Video and Pic Contests." For more information, go to the websites below.


Ingrid Cheng

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