Monday, August 4, 2008

Good News

I have just joined LACEE (L.A. Chamber of Enlightened Enterprises), a fast growing and unique organization. You can find Ingrid Cheng under "Wellness Coaching / Community" at

I am also a member of Step Up Women's Network, Co-op America Green Business Network, Sierra Club, Slow Food L.A. and Ladies Who Launch.

Yakult, USA will sponsor the entire cooking demo on 8/16. Rhonda Weidelman, MA, RD and I plan to start a series of Healthy Cooking Classes soon. I will show you how to balance your chi (energy) with dishes made of mostly local, seasonal produce while Rhonda will tell you how the main ingredients benefit you nutritiously. Come to the Holistic Health Retreat 9-6 pm. Free Cooking Demo 12-1 pm. Space is limited. Pre-pay $10 and RSVP by 8/8/08 at:

Ingrid Cheng grew up drinking Yakult, the world’s leading probiotic drink.

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