Friday, August 1, 2008

Showing Up

I have said "yes" and shown up to many good events, some great ones and a few so-so ones. The 2 events that really inspired me were the Step Up Wellness Panel on 7/29 and the PACE's "Celebrating Women in Business" event last night. 150+ people attended each of these events. (Photo above: PACE's event)

Tips from the Wellness Panel:
Dr. Susan Smalley, Dir. Mindful Awareness Research Center: Download a free 5-min meditation from

From Dr. Hyla Cass: Get 8 hours of sleep, keep healthy snacks with you in the car and in your purse and always make a choice to move your body.

From Jeesin Lui: Repeatedly press and release the meaty part between your thumb and forefinger to ease pain, stress, menstrual cramps and anxiety.

The PACE's reception and awards ceremony followed by dinner also inspired me to take my business to the next level. I networked with so many women entrepreneurs, got so many business cards and 2 key contacts that I'm definitely going back next year.

Ingrid Cheng


Therapy in Transition said...

Thanks for posting these quick tips you took away from your sessions ... there were a few new ones and few great reminders!

DD of A Better Childhood said...

i recently discovered your blog from Google News Alerts.

glad to connect with you - we share a common passion, Wellness

cheers to health!