Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Healthy Eating Habits

Power breakfast: organic, whole grain cereal with organic low-fat yogurt/ kefir mix and strawberries

I love to graze throughout the day. Here's why:

"Grazing works because of what and when you eat". I like to munch on organic, whole grain cereal and walnuts. I love to eat tofu and salads. I use a homemade balsamic vinegar olive oil or a white vinegar sesame oil salad dressing.

I eat 5 mini-meals instead of the standard 3-meal a day. "According to nutritionists, grazing is a common, natural habit that is (healthier). Grazing keeps your body fueled with nutrients which leads to better mental & physical performance, a brighter mood and less fatigue. What's more, the right balance of complex carbs, good protein and oils can stablize your metabolism". Anthony Head wrote in Optimal Wellness, Sep/Oct 2008.


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