Monday, September 1, 2008

Slow Food Nation: Green Kitchen

Photo of Green Kitchen

I think the Green Kitchen at Slow Food Nation Taste Pavilion is a great concept that didn't work very well in real life due to the background noise. I sat in the front, but could not hear Corey Lee (French Laundry) & barely heard Peter Jacobson (the Chef's Farmer), talk about the chef-farmer connection. Corey showed us how to make an escargot and tomatoes salad. He told us not to refrigerate tomatoes as that will destroy the taste. He also gave us some tips about how to ensure good tasting escargots (snails). It's very interesting to learn about what Chef Lee and Jacobson does. I've heard of French Laundry since my sister and brother-in-law love it (rave about its food). I know how expensive it is to eat there. Any tips that I learned could be worth some money. Did you know that the average garden snail is an escargot (edible after 3 days of purging)? Jacobson told us how he gathered his organic, free-range snails from his farm and put them on a 3-day "detox diet" (my term for purging) before he let Chef Lee work his magic. I'd love to visit Jacobsen Orchards (owned by Jacobsen and his wife) in Napa Valley, as it is designated for CCOF.
"For the last 6 years, the Jacobsens have sold exclusively to French Laundry," wrote Tana Anderson Butler.
Thanks Tana, for the beautiful photos and informative blog. I went to the Taste Pavilion and the Green Kitchen was one of the best things there. I also enjoyed the Bread, Fish, Ice Cream and Chocolate tastings. The ticket was rather expensive, even with the discount. We got 20 Slow Food dollars to spend and I only spent half since I don't drink beer or wine. I wish they had more food and less alcohol (empty calories and alcohol may raise the risk of breast cancer in women).

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So cool that you got to go to that! I'm jealous.