Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blog For Change

Changeblogger network is a place that connects bloggers, podcasters and vloggers using their platform make world better place.

Roots of Change: dedicated to social change through better relationships.

Roots of Change (ROC) is a collaborative of diverse leaders and institutions unified in common pursuit of achieving a sustainable food system in California by 2030.

Changemakers Menu:

1. Sign the Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture at

2. Become a Locavore, buy more sustainable food (local, seasonal, organic).

3. Ask your school district to make food part of the curriculum.

4. Join a local group seeking healthy food and agriculture at

5. Make friends with your food producers at the local Farmers Markets.

6. Read a book like "Stuffed and Starved" by Raj Patel or go to

Join Holistic Health Club, Eco-Local Solutions Meetup or Food As Medicine Meetup.

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