Sunday, September 28, 2008

Positive Visualization

You can use this technique to visualize anything you desire:

1) Several times a day, say out loud and think to yourself "President Obama" and when you do - imagine it being true, right now, and feeling all the great feelings that go with such a powerful, positive thought.

2) Please forward this to friends and spread the word.

Bush and Republicans operate from a basis of fear. Bush plunged the U.S. into an endless war with Iraq based on fear of non-existant weapons of mass destruction. Then, he denied that there was anything wrong with our economy just 5 months ago. Now, Bush wants us to be so fearful about a recession that we'll let him pull a $700 billion con-job on us, but when we focus on the negative things, we give power to them. Let's say and think 'President Obama' and experience the pleasure that this brings.

There is power in our intention! Saying what we wish to empower aligns us with what we want. Saying and imagining 'President Obama' is more likely to inspire actions that will create this wonderful outcome. When we're feeling good, instead of afraid, resigned or helpless, we will get a lot more done. Practice this to support you in feeling good and more resourceful.

From Celeste and Ingrid

1 comment:

Colette Ellis said...

Very good idea to post to your blog! I received that intention message via email.

Maybe we can also positively visualize the economic recovery -- something like "Look at our country's abundance, ahhh!"

Let me know your thoughts.
Cheers, Coach Colette