Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Emotional Wellness

When life is going smoothly or well, it's easy to feel good. It is much harder to keep calm during difficult events or times. Anger, fear and grief are are part of life but we can't let these feelings overwhelm or control us. Here are some tips to maintain emotional wellness:

1. Talk to a few close friends about how you feel

2. Have some time alone to read, reflect or write in your journal

3. Exercise or get moving. Studies have shown that exercise lifts mood and enhances the quality of life.

4. Enjoy simple things in life. Notice the beauty around you.

5. Find a passion. Make a list of things you really want to do. Identify an interest and pursue it.

Modified from:

Ingrid Cheng


LaLaNatural said...

This is my exact list of what to do when I'm feeling a bit off.

Thanks for the great info and I love your site.

Anonymous said...

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