Thursday, November 6, 2008

6 Diet Tips For the Holidays

6 Easy Diet Tips just in time for the upcoming holidays:

1. Stop mindless eating: If you're eating out, order a salad with a light dressing or a broth-based soup, then share a main dish with a friend or ask for a container & put half of the portion in it before you eat since restaurant portions are bigger than what's healthy. If you're cooking dinner, a soup or salad is a great filler.

2. Trick your sweet tooth: Eat high quality protein or soy products at every meal. If you still crave something sweet, eat an apple for a snack. I make baked cinnamon apple slices as treats during winter. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder onto apple slices, place on aluminum foil lined tray and bake at 300 degrees for 2-3 min. Yum!

3. Check your waist size: If your "slim jeans" feel too tight, it's time to eat less & exercise more (go for a walk).

4. Write it down: Keep a food journal & write down what you eat each day during the holidays. You're less likely to overeat.

5. Fill up on foods with high fiber or water content like fruits & veggies. Avoid fried foods, rich sauces, full-fat dairy products, ham, sausages & red meat.

6. Tell a friend about your goal: Whether you just want to maintain your current weight or loss a few pounds, get support. Ask a buddy to keep you accountable.

Enjoy your holidays by eating healthily & sensibly.
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Ingrid Cheng


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